Raw Data Sets

In some publications we used methods, which generated genome-wide data sets. In many cases only a subset of the information has been used. Therefore these data sets are going to be provided for download on this page.

X-ray crystallographic data (Haslbeck et al., 2015)

The crystal structure of rat PP5 was solved in this study. The data sets can be soon downloaded here

Microarray Data Sets (Papsdorf et al., 2015)

Yeast microarray data sets were aquired int his study. The data sets are available here.

  Microarray Experiment A700 (Q0-Q30-Q56) Download .zip File         
  Microarray Experiment A714 (empty-Q0-Q56) Download .zip File    

Mass spectrometry (Eckl et al., 2015)

Mass spectrometry was employed to detect the label position in CeCdc-37. The data sets are soon available here.